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Billions of people globally opt for surfing the internet in the search for a specific service, product, brand, and more.

Undertaking promotional activities is what we do at Global Alliances. We thrive at carrying out projects from multiple business sectors that have made us achieve numerous accomplishments. We offer results beyond expectations through impressing leads and converting them to consumers.

With over two decades of experience in the marketing, field has led us to become a pioneer in this sector. Our experience facilitates us in making projects profitable for our valued clients. Working with us will always lead to the satisfaction of our clients due to our professionalism and results-driven work. Moreover, our hassle-free approach aids in closing deals between clients and companies efficiently.

    OUR AIM:

  • Big-picture thinking and achieving it
  • Top-notch quality of work
  • Customized attention to every detail
  • Result-driven approaches
  • Always exceeding customer expectations

Our Services

We promote projects globally through every possible social media platform like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Telegram, WhatsApp, and Telegram.


Our Real Estate promotion projects include Plotting Project, EDN 21, Hinjewadi, Xrbia Flats, Pune and Garva Group, etc. Since we took over these promotions, our client has never had a setback with getting customers.


With our global research teams working diligently round the clock, aids us in identifying information which drives markets. Hence, with our assistance, you can forecast every potential price changes and seize profitable trading opportunities.


With an increase in cryptocurrency users worldwide, we are introducing a new project that will be beneficial for all ambitious crypto users.


People interested in making profits in a short time through ICO; Global Alliances is now the sole seller of Mooner LLP. It is quite a profitable venture that you can take part in if you hurry.


Global Alliances has taken a solo selling project of Mooner LLP, which is a Singapore based company. In the future, MNR tokens will be utilized as the utility coins for several purposes.

Why Choose Global Alliances?

The real question is why not select Global Alliances for your marketing activities and more! We have been active in this field for over 20 years and have become a pioneer in this field. Also, with over 99% success rate, we are the best in this business.

Hiring us to mean that our client gets an entire group of experienced marketing experts for the price of just one full-time employee. From content marketing to strategic planning, email marketing, social media handling; we are our one-stop solution. With our results-driven approach, we at Global Alliances perform at key metrics for our clients. This helps our clients have the highest ROI through us.

With thousands of successful campaigns under our belt, we have perfected our methodology that works flawlessly in various business sectors. With our approach, we attract the right traffic and acquire qualified leads that are easily converted to consumers by our clients. We are a certified B2B and Inbound marketers. Moreover, we always stay updated with changes occurring in this field to offer our clients the best results!






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We Global Alliances have been active in the Marketing sector for more than 20 Years, and Successfully rising in this Sector.


Investors are always happy with how Global Alliances work and are satisfied with the success we have achieved over the years. With numerous projected completed successfully, which are mentioned above; it is not a stretch to mention that we always provide a good plan. Moreover, all of our clients are pleased and always happy to be part of our successful campaigns from the time of this organization’s inception.

With Cryptocurrency getting popular and more people are interested in it, we will be introducing a new project for all profit makers. This way, even common people will have a new opportunity of making profit quite easily. Cryptocurrency is the future as for instance, Bitcoin started with a price of $0.0008; however, it currently stands at over $17,000. Thus, it is not hard to imagine how the market will shape up in future.

Mooner LLP –Sole Selling Project of Global Alliances

Once again, Global Alliances is taking up a new Sole Selling Project Mooner LLP, which is from a Singapore based firm.

MNR token from this project will be utilized in future as utility coins. This organization is expanding its operations in numerous countries; namely Malaysia, UAE, India, and more. It is an excellent opportunity that is knocking at people’s door in this challenging period. We will be launching MNR tokens in the near future; therefore, people need to hurry and grab this chance.

This Cryptocurrency will be known as MNR Tokens and will be launched soon in markets as Initial Coin Offering (ICO). Being the sole seller of Mooner LLP, we suggest that availability of this Cryptocurrency in ICO form is quite profitable and is available for a limited time; hence, invest in it before this offer no longer exists.


Our Team

Mr. Prashant Khot

CMD Global Alliances

Mr. Prashant Khot is our CMD who hails from Pune and is in this industry for over 18 long years. With a journey that is no less than a roller coaster ride, he made it to the top of this business sector. Herbal Life International is the first organization the Mr. Khot joined after completing his graduation. This is where he acquired numerous marketing skills.

He has mentioned several times that his sound understanding or market, as well as his achievements, is due to work experience at his first company. Also, he recalled that a trainer at Herbal Life stated, “For things to change a person needs to change, and for things to get better a person requires getting better.” Keeping this in mind, he set out in this field and with time have changed things in him that eventually led to his success.

In 2005, opportunity knocked on his door and was able to visit Malaysia and Singapore through his first firm. Being born in a middle-class family, this international trip meant a lot to me as he was the first person to go abroad from his family. This is what paved his way to success and glory in later years.

Apart from this, he worked also in Real Estate, where he learnt about marketing and other things that added to his experience. His work at the real estate company was setting up its marketing department and more.

Furthermore, he has worked in the networking industry, where he accomplished various achievements. In addition, he has played a crucial role in professionally training a few companies for Motivational and Personality Development training.

Every portion of his journey in this field has helped him reach the steps of success in the long run. Hence, trying to describe or explain it in a few words is not possible. He believes that what he is now is due to things he learnt, experienced and earned in the marketing field.

Initially, Mr. Khot has worked on Product based division/area too before changing depending on market trends. In addition, he has worked in the investment sector as well. Currently, he is also known to work under the highly demanding finance sector too. Their primary work consists of providing support to people willing to work in finance sector to attain financial freedom to those that believe in their approach.

Mr. Khot quoted, “Everyone dreams but only a few works to fulfill it.” This is the reason they work hard to fulfill their clients’ dream of achieving financial freedom. Therefore Global Alliances’ tag line is “The first step towards your dream.”

Mr. Hitesh Sapre

Director Global Alliances

Mr. Sapre is by choice, an entrepreneur who always carries a positive attitude with him. With and experience of more than 25 years, he is a gem of Global Alliances. His work experience started from early 20s; his first professional career started when he joined Dish Cable Network, where he worked for 5 years.

Having other interests led him to start a dealership of Exide Batteries in one of Pune’s prime location. This was followed by his network marketing firm in 2010. HE realized his potential and ability for distinguished teamwork, he was able to coordinate and build a massive group in NMart. With sheer determination and willpower, he successfully completed numerous projects, most of which turned out to be quite profitable and helped him keep exploring ideas for even better gains.

In 2014, Mr. Hitest Sapre joined Oracle Retails Pvt. LTD as AD (Additional Director). This company was authorized dealer of gift cards of Axis bank, and soon in a first business year it reached a turnover of multimillion USD.

This led Mr. Sapre to venture as an investor in numerous successful sectors such as Entertainment industry (organized live concert in Dubai of popular Bollywood singer Neha Kakkar as well as Saregama Little Champs) and Veros & Moss cryptocurrency (here in just 8 months, he built a global team of over 1.5 lakh people).

Mr. Hitesh Sapre possesses strong leadership traits along with sharp business insight and superior presentation quality. Moreover, his determination and honesty have helped him earn loyalty and respect from his peers, clients, and people he has come across over time.

Our Video

Take a tour of Mooner LLP, Singapore office in this video.

We at Global alliances undertake promotional activities for various projects from different sectors. We attract, impress & convert more leads online & get results with thrive. Our team has been active in the marketing sector for more than 20 years which facilitates us to choose profitable projects for our esteemed clients. We always prefer to ensure our customer’s satisfaction & work towards creating a hassle-free deal between the companies & clients.